Why We Workshop.....

Our final audition day of the year is complete, the offers have been sent out and we are now preparing ourselves for our final Workshop of 2016!! What a year! and what a year we have to look forward to in 2017, with some very exciting things in the pipe line. We offer the children on our books the chance to attend 3 workshops a year. This gives the children the opportunity to get prepared for what might happen in a casting room. It also gives us the chance to get to know them better. Whats makes them tick? What interests them? So when we are putting them forward for castings, we have all these added pieces of information, which could be important!

The children get a chance to sing with a pianist, perform and work with each other, work on improvisation, technique, believability, script work and movement, all in a positive environment. We will also go through self tapes, show reels, vocals, Spotlight, licensing procedures to make sure the child and parent are fully up to date with all information.

Our aim is to produce well rounded, well supported, motivated young talent. This is such an exciting industry and there are so many fantastic life building opportunities now for children. The workshops we provide are a great way of making friends, building confidence, pushing their talents and us being available for any questions parents or children have about the industry.

The bonus is the children all really enjoy it! (As do we!) Looking forward to welcoming new and old #McKennaStars at the end of November!!

J & K xx

Photographs by Ant Maxted Photography and some from in house.

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